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Cachaça is woven into the fabric of life in Brazil and there is a different way to drink the spirit for every occasion. Watching soccer at the bar? Order a beer and a cachaça to sip side by side. Heading out for a night of dancing? Mix cachaça into a cocktail. Finishing a long meal? Measure out a neat pour.

No matter when you're drinking cachaça, take your time to sip and taste.

Start with a Taste

Nossa is a complex spirit with layers of flavor, but we recommend you taste it in a simple glass like you would on the farm or in any boteco in Brazil. Start by taking in the natural golden color and give it a swirl to sense the body. Hover your nose over the top and notice the spice aromas. Then drink a little and let the flavor build from the fresh and grassy base of raw cane through the rounded notes of apricot and mango and then the amburana finish of cinnamon and cloves.

The Perfect Pour

After a long day, we like to relax with a perfect pour of Nossa. Pour 2 ounces of cachaça into a copo americano and add a large, round ice cube if you like. Savor.

The Caipirinha

Every bar in Brazil has their own version of the caipirinha that blends cachaça, fresh fruit and sugar. We like to stick to a classic with lime and lemon but we also put our own twist on the cocktail, using rapadura from the region around the Santo Antônio Ranch. The raw sugar is a tradition in Brazil and using it helps keep the terroir of the ranch in the cocktail.

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