Meet Cachaça

The name - pronounced ka-SHA-sa - is a 500-year-old tradition that is woven through the history of Brazil.

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Pure Cane

Cachaça is made from 100% raw sugarcane that's crushed as soon as it's harvested to protect the flavor of the plant. This lets us taste the terroir, from the composition of the soil to the variety of cane to the unique combination of local yeasts that naturally ferment the juice.

Native Amburana Wood

Pretty much every spirit in the world is aged in oak barrels, from full-bodied California wines to woody bourbon. Spirits aged in oak...taste reliably like oak. But there are more trees in the forest and Brazilians have spent the last few hundred years figuring out which ones make cachaça taste good. There's bálsamo, jequitibá, cabreúva and more, each with their own flavor. We age Nossa for one to three years in casks made from sustainably-harvested amburana wood.

Rich History

The first cachaça was made just after Portuguese sailors arrived in the 1500s and the technique has been handed down and refined from generation to generation ever since.

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Hand Made

There are factories that churn out alcohol day and night, but if you wander down back roads, you’ll find traditional distilleries where farmers’ hands touch every step of the process. Artisanal cachaça is a farm to glass drinking experience.

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Single Distilled

Every step of the process is meant to keep the final spirit as close to the cane as possible. So, traditional cachaça is distilled only once, using small, copper stills to preserve the raw flavor of the plant.

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Tells a Story

Each sip gives you the flavor of the land where the cane was grown, the aroma left behind by its unique barrel and the mark of the maker's skill at the still. Brazilians have been savoring it for generations. Now it's your turn.

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